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Get to Know Laura:

What is your favorite part of working in a law firm?

The ability to use my skills and experience to compassionately assist clients through one of the most difficult transitions in their lives.

What part of the legal process are you most passionate about? Why?

I am most passionate about the best interests of the children in divorcing and separating families.  I stand with our clients in looking out for their children, and help our experienced attorneys provide guidance and resources to assist them.  I see the ultimate resolution of divorce as not a “broken” family, but one that has changed form.  The ideal is to ensure the children and their parents are supported and can thrive in the new normal.

What drew you to the legal profession?

A job posting!  When I applied for my first full-time office job after graduation, I had no idea that I would not only be hired but would find a vocation in family law that was so much more than simple secretarial support.  I truly enjoy the puzzle that is family law, in applying the law, seeking the best resolution for our clients and their families, and constantly learning.

Is there a specific story, anecdote or person that influenced you to work in the legal profession?

The first attorneys I worked with were a husband-and-wife team.  The wife was a Certified Family Law Specialist and had been practicing for decades when she met and married her husband, who retired from radio broadcasting on the East Coast before moving to California.  He was fascinated by the work his wife was doing and studied in her office under her guidance.  He passed the Baby Bar and then the Bar exam on his first tries and began practicing at about age 70.  This couple encouraged my interest and aptitude in law and began to provide me with training and increased responsibility to begin work as a paralegal in their firm.

What aspects of your job do you most value?

I would have to say that I value most the opportunity to work with a team of professionals who are just as passionate about service in family law as I am. We help our clients and ourselves rise to meet challenges within the court system and strive to obtain the best resolution for the families we serve.

Outside of the office, what are you passionate about/involved in? 

My three adult daughters and their beautiful families are a highlight in my life.  I also love spending time with my parents who live nearby.  I have been involved in music since childhood and in recent years have enjoyed bringing together members from a high school performing troupe I was in to form a band again.  Outside of music, I enjoy my goats, chickens, tiny dog, and big fluffy cat.  I enjoy creating soaps, lotions, and potions, as well as knitting and crocheting.  Every day is an adventure and opportunity for learning.

What are your favorite sports teams?

The Giants and Niners!

What are your favorite places to grab a meal in your community?

When dining out, we tend to gravitate toward our favorite Agave and Orchid Thai restaurants in Healdsburg, though we are blessed with many great choices!

Are you married? Do you have children? Grandchildren? If so, what are their ages?

As a divorced mom who raised three daughters, I have an inside view of the legal process in addition to my experience within family law offices!  I love spending time with my grandchildren, ages 17, 9, and 6.

What is your favorite book? TV show? Movie?

I have a love of reading all sorts of books, from non-fiction to novels, and would often walk to school while reading a book!  I have consumed every book in the Outlander series but have re-read both The Talisman and The Prophet’s Way.  I enjoy television crime dramas, Yellowstone, and This Is UsBeverly Hills Cop makes me laugh, and Somewhere in Time makes me cry.

Is there anything you would like a prospective client to know about the firm?

Wine Country Family Law has created a team and structure that is supportive of clients and their families.  The use of technology is targeted toward that which serves our team and clients the best.  While the court system and legal process can be stressful and confusing at times, the compassionate support in place at WCFL helps smooth the way for our clients as they navigate these new chapters in their lives.