Need a Bankruptcy Attorney? Ukiah Firm Offers Full-Service Support

Need a bankruptcy lawyer? Ukiah / Mendocino bankruptcy attorney can help.If you’re looking for a bankruptcy lawyer, Ukiah-based Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office can help.

Today many people living in Ukiah, Fort Bragg, Redwood Valley, Willits and the surrounding cities face money problems due to insufficient job opportunities in the area, the high price to travel anywhere outside of Ukiah, and the high cost just to pay for basic living expenses in Mendocino County.

Many Fort Bragg, Ukiah, and Willits parents have found themselves not only supporting their own adult kids, but also their grandchildren. Many Mendocino County residents have gone through huge financial losses, such as the loss of their job or their business, catastrophic illness or injury, loss of a marriage, or the death of a spouse, partner or other person who they relied upon for financial support. Of course, once any of these things happen, it’s hard to keep up with bills. This is made worse if they have student loans to pay.

Credit cards, car payments, and mortgages become late, accruing huge interest and late charges which are next to impossible to catch up on. Foreclosures and short sales continue to happen frequently in Ukiah, Willits, Fort Bragg and neighboring communities.

Need a Bankruptcy Attorney? Ukiah Firm Offers Full-Service Support

Dealing with all of these things can cause stress and worry in your life and in your relationships. You probably feel like you’re buried and there’s no way out. If this is the case, exploring the options of Ukiah Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be just what you need to help kick-start your life back into gear!

At Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office, we’re happy to help you move forward with your life, free of debt! Clients frequently report that our Ukiah bankruptcy attorney Lindsay Torgerson is:

  • Sensitive, caring, and approachable
  • Reasonable with her fees
  • Prompt in returning calls and emails
  • Thorough, patient, and explains things in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Professional, knowledgeable, and well respected in the legal community

Talk to Ukiah Bankruptcy Attorney Lindsay Torgerson

Need a bankruptcy attorney? Ukiah bankruptcy lawyer serves Mendocino County.

If you would like to discuss your financial situation, don’t wait any longer. Contact Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office today to schedule your discounted bankruptcy consultation. Visit our Ukiah bankruptcy attorney at our office conveniently located just west of the Mendocino County Courthouse, or meet by phone or video conference.

Call (707) 669-0841 to schedule your low cost Ukiah bankruptcy consultation or CLICK HERE.

Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office will show you how Chapter 7 and/or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can:

  • Stop all calls from annoying and ever-persistent debt collectors
  • Stop your paycheck from being garnished
  • Prevent your car from being repossessed
  • Discharge (wipe out) all or most of your unsecured debt (including credit cards, medical bills, etc.)
  • Help you pay off your recent income tax debts to the IRS or Franchise Tax Board and may entirely wipe out your old income tax debts
  • Help you stop a foreclosure on your home in Mendocino County or elsewhere and catch up on your back mortgage payments and to the Mendocino County Tax Collector
  • Wipe out 2nd mortgages or Home Equity Lines of Credit, and Judgment liens
  • Give you a chance to get much needed relief and start over with a clean slate!

How Am I Supposed to Pay to Hire a Ukiah Bankruptcy Lawyer, if I Have No Money?

Get rid of debt with Mendocino County bankruptcy attorney Ukiah office services.

This is what most people wonder before calling us. However, you should not let this question delay you in just getting some free information. We realize that cheap bankruptcy attorney services are next to impossible to find, like most legal services.

We think that you’ll find our flat rate low cost bankruptcy fees are much lower than other Ukiah, Fort Bragg, and Willits bankruptcy attorneys. We let our clients know exactly what to expect to pay from the get-go. They don’t have to worry about being stuck with a legal bill from us after the fact.

Unlike many Ukiah bankruptcy lawyers, we do not ask people to submit all fees just to get things started on their case. We are happy to give you flexible Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 payment options to meet whatever your financial needs may be. Our Ukiah Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy appointments are always free.

Consultations are conducted by phone, video conference, or in our Ukiah bankruptcy office. When we’re done with your consultation, we will let you know what your case will cost you and will provide you with our fee quote in writing.

We’ll Be Straight and Honest With You, Even if It Means Telling You That You Shouldn’t File Bankruptcy

Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office feels that it is our duty to provide you with enough information to allow you to decide what’s best for your situation—whether it’s to file Ukiah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Ukiah Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or not to file bankruptcy at all.

We’ll explain situations to stay clear of when considering bankruptcy, as well as while you’re in Ukiah bankruptcy. Attorney Lindsay Torgerson will explain all information in a way that’s easy to understand. The last thing we want is for you to feel like we’re speaking in a foreign language. We want you to feel welcome to ask any questions when we’re done.

Most importantly, we want you to feel that you’ve been given sufficient information to make an educated decision about what is best for you. Sometimes bankruptcy is not advisable for some people or in certain situations. If that’s the case, we promise not to withhold that information from you and we’ll explain the rationale behind it. Ukiah bankruptcy lawyer Lindsay Torgerson is available to address any of your concerns that come up after your consultation as well.

Please check out our client reviews to see for yourself what our clients have to say about us. It’s our commitment to providing low cost yet quality legal services in a friendly manner that sets us apart from the pack!

We Commit To Making the Process as Easy and Non-Intrusive As Possible!

Many of our Ukiah and Fort Bragg bankruptcy clients have jobs or families to attend to. Therefore, we do not require multiple visits to our Ukiah bankruptcy office. Many people consult with us by phone from work (during their lunch) or from home. Of course, you can always set an appointment to meet us at our Ukiah Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy office located just west of the Mendocino County Courthouse for your low cost Ukiah bankruptcy consultation.

We try to use email as the primary way to communicate with you. This lessons the likelihood that we will interrupt your important work or family time. There are times, of course, when it’s easier to call you to discuss your case or when it’s easier for you to just call us. Phone calls are welcome at any time.

Since many of our Mendocino County clients live in remote or isolated areas, we won’t ask you to do a lot of traveling for your bankruptcy case. You’ll usually have to travel on only one or two occasions during your entire case, including to go to your Meeting of Creditors in Santa Rosa. However, if you want to come in to our Ukiah Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Office, you can call us anytime to schedule an office appointment.

Let Us Take Some of Your Worries Away

Call our bankruptcy lawyer Ukiah, Mendocino County for a consultation.

Mendocino County bankruptcy attorney Lindsay Torgerson will take on your creditors from the moment she becomes your attorney. This will relieve the worry and anxiety caused by relentless debt collectors hounding you day and night. Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office uses modern technology to gather most information from you.

Most Ukiah bankruptcy attorneys send their clients off to complete a huge pile of documents for them. This mound of paperwork causes unnecessary stress. Instead, we give you access to a simple on-line questionnaire to complete available 24-7. However, if you are uncomfortable using a computer or have unreliable internet service, we can provide manual documents for your completion. We’ll obtain a credit report for you and securely import your debt information into our computer database.

We won’t ask you to dig through all of your bills in order to give us balances and other pertinent information. As long as it shows up on your credit report, we’ll do the work for you! So, even if you’re not the best at maintaining records, we will help you file bankruptcy rapidly and as stress free as possible!

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We are a debt relief agency. Our office helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Santa Rosa Bankruptcy lawyer Lindsay Torgerson is admitted to the California State Bar, United States Ninth Circuit Courts, and United States Supreme Court.

Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office, P.C. is proud to be a LGBTQI friendly law practice.