Santa Rosa Custody, Visitation, and Divorce During Coronavirus Resolved by Video Mediation

Santa Rosa custody, visitation, and divorce mediation during Coronavirus is a process where a neutral third person brings you and your spouse/partner or other parent together to have conversations to work toward settling issues in your Sonoma County family law matter.

Santa Rosa mediation issues typically include custody, parenting time, child and/or spousal support, property and debt division and tax issues.

The mediator helps keep everybody calm and focused to discuss items necessary to resolve the issues.

Even if you are upset or hurt and you can’t communicate well with the other party, mediation works if you are both willing to try to find mutual resolutions to work for you and your family.

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    Child Custody During Coronavirus

    To obtain help quickly while the Sonoma County family law court (and/or your attorneys, if applicable) may not be operating at full capacity. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, the Sonoma County family law court is closed (except for limited emergency circumstances such as domestic violence issues or where a child is in immediate danger). Many Santa Rosa family law attorneys are still struggling to get up and running remotely. Mediation is a way to work remotely now with a skilled mediator to help resolve Santa Rosa custody, visitation, and divorce related issues. Santa Rosa custody, visitation, and divorce mediation can be used during Coronavirus to resolve your entire divorce or custody matter without the need to go to court.

  • Freedom to choose your Santa Rosa mediator (and disengage your mediator or end mediation at any time). If you go to family law court in Santa Rosa, you don’t get to choose your judge. You get who you get. The judge has never met you, your spouse or partner, or your children. Yet, the judge will make critical decisions affecting your family’s life based on what little information they have about your family. Fortunately, you and the other party can choose now from many available mediators. Santa Rosa mediators are better equipped to get to know you and the other party and the issues at stake. Not all Sonoma County mediators are family law attorneys. You should select an experienced mediator who is also a Sonoma County family law attorney. Forward-thinking mediators in Santa Rosa are offering mediation by video conference. If either of you become unhappy with your mediator or the process, you can end it at any time.
  • Save money by mediating custody and divorce in Santa Rosa, not litigating. Most filed divorce cases in Sonoma County settle. But, only after spending months communicating back-and-forth between attorneys, other professionals, and each party. Extensive time is spent gathering information. Then, even more time is spent preparing for and attending multiple Sonoma County family law hearings. This process could go on for months or even years before reaching a settlement! During this process, each party is typically paying between $300 to $400 per hour for their Santa Rosa divorce attorney. Given this, it makes sense to start early with settlement discussions through Santa Rosa mediation. Typically, you are only paying for one mediator’s time and you can split the costs 50/50-or however you agree upon.
  • Sonoma County mediation can bring everybody “to the table” to assist resolving “stalemates” even when attorneys are already involved. The purpose of divorce and custody mediation in Santa Rosa is to get you talking about how to settle every issue right away, eliminating barriers preventing you from moving forward.
  • You control the entire Santa Rosa divorce and custody mediation process. Unlike the Sonoma County family law court process, you and the other party select when your divorce or custody mediation appointments are and how often they are. You decide upon other professionals you want to involve, if any. You can have your own attorney attend mediation sessions with you. You can use them to provide advice outside of the sessions and review any agreements reached before formalizing them.
  • Sonoma County divorce and custody mediation is private and Santa Rosa family law mediation sessions are conducted outside of court. What happens in mediation is confidential. Of course, exceptions exist in connection with protecting others from imminent harm or danger, or in connection with illegal activities. Unlike court proceedings, mediation agreements do not need to become a matter of public record nor are the sessions open to the public. Because of this, many high-profile executives and celebrities use Sonoma County family law mediation to keep their private lives private.
  • Reduce conflict with the other party and alleviate unnecessary stress for your family. Because divorce and custody mediation in Sonoma County is a less confrontational process, it usually leads to better long- term relationships between former spouses, partners and co-parents. This makes a huge difference for your kids and other family members who might otherwise be affected by the long, stressful, expensive, and adversarial court process. By mediating, you protect your kids from the trauma of seeing their parents fight it out in the Sonoma County family law court.
  • Learn effective communication and parenting skills. Your Santa Rosa divorce and custody mediator will guide you in discussing resolutions directly with the other party. Your mediator will make sure you are each heard, understood, and have respectful and productive conversations. The mediator helps you both remain focused and rational to identify options and find solutions. The mediator helps you work together to gather information you need to make smart decisions and reach agreements you both can live with. You can use the communication skills gained through Sonoma County divorce and custody mediation for future problem solving with the other party and your children.
  • Save time mediating privately rather than litigating in court. During this Coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic, we don’t know with certainty when the Sonoma County family law court will be up and running. Similarly, it may take a while for your Santa Rosa custody and divorce attorneys to be fully-functioning during this time. When the courts and attorneys finally emerge from this, they will likely be very backlogged and/or short-staffed. This could result in less-than-optimal results. If you wait for things to return to “normal,” it is impossible to begin the process of healing and moving forward with your life. Don’t get stuck waiting in this “in-between” state.
  • Generate your own solutions rather than waiting for a judge to make orders. You control the outcome. In Sonoma County divorce and custody mediation, you and your spouse, partner, or other parent come to your own agreements you are both content with—not orders dictated to you by a judge. You can come up with agreements very early in the mediation process, avoiding months or years stuck in litigation! This provides you certainty during the process and mutual control over the outcome. Because you both devised the terms of your own agreements, they are more likely to be complied with. This will save you money and avoid conflict in the future.  Click here to read more details about Santa Rosa custody, visitation, and divorce mediation.

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