Client Reviews for Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office

The following information is designed to give you a sense of how clients feel about the service provided by our firm. Please note that the facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which results and reviews have been provided here.

Sensitive and Caring at a Stressful Time

“The way Lindsay helped me handle my child support issues, divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure couldn’t have been any better. She is not only professional and fully knowledgeable but she is genuinely sensitive and caring which is also so important at such a stressful time in life. I have referred many people to Lindsay and will continue to do so. I was so lucky to find her!” – Rohnert Park Family Law and Bankruptcy Client

Effective Communicator and an Even Better Listener

“Lindsay is professional, polite and patient like a monk! I was going through a hard time during my divorce and other related legal issues, and she truly went above and beyond to get me back on my feet. She is a very effective communicator and an even better listener, I would recommend her services to anyone needing representation in family or bankruptcy law cases. I can say with absolute sincerity, that my life is much better today after having worked with Lindsay and her team.” – Santa Rosa Family Law and Bankruptcy Client

Would Use this Office Again in a Heartbeat

“I had the best experience with Wine Country Family Law! Lindsay was very knowledgeable and understanding. I would use this office again in a heartbeat.” – Ukiah Family Law Client

Quick Response to Phone Calls and Emails

“What can I say? Lindsay is a pro, and a thoroughly kind & decent person to boot. She made going through the bankruptcy process smoother than I could have ever imagined, and never treated me as though I were morally bankrupt for my financial failings. Quick response to phone calls/emails, thorough and patient explanation of the process, and everything done from home with the exception, of course, of the meeting of the creditors.

I am grateful for her excellent work, her approachability, and her kind & calming nature. I don’t wish bankruptcy on anyone, but if you’ve gotten to that point, I whole heartedly recommend Lindsay of Wine Country Family Law.” – Lakeport Bankruptcy Client

Everyone I Worked With at Wine Country Family Law was Amazing!

Bailey was my divorce lawyer and without her I would never have been able to get this divorce finalized! I highly recommend her as an attorney! In fact everyone I worked with at Wine Country Family Law was amazing!–Santa Rosa Divorce Client

Cases Handled Smoothly and Without Stress

“I was very pleased with Lindsay Torgerson services. She helped me through a very difficult BK Chapter 7 case as well as a child support case with ex husband. Both cases were handled very smooth and no stress on my end. She was very responsive, accurate, and takes her time to make sure everything is done correctly. I have recommended her services to anyone I know that’s in need of a good attorney. “
– Santa Rosa Family Law and Bankruptcy Client

She Treated Me Like a Human

Bailey at Wine Country Family Law was amazing!! She treated me like a human. I’d had a few consultations prior to her with other attorney’s and this was not the case. Her work was VERY thorough and I was shocked how fast everything had finished up!! She very attentive and kept me up to speed through the entire process. She was very kind and understanding. I highly recommend her!!–Santa Rosa Divorce Client

Knowledgeable and Patient

“She was very knowledgeable and very patient with me, as I didn’t know anything about the process and was incredibly stressed. She went through everything step by step and helped me understand the process. She was very reasonable with her fee and didn’t tack on any hidden charges which was a relief as I was without resources. I highly recommend her to anyone in the area.” – Petaluma Bankruptcy Client

Went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

“Lindsay was absolutely wonderful! She treated me like a person, not just another client. She kept me informed and made me feel relaxed. Lindsay told me how things were going to work from the beginning to the end, what was going to happen, and what I needed to do and not to do, from the big things down to the littlest. I would recommend Lindsay to anybody. She even gave me a ride to my car after my hearing when she saw that I was lost. Lindsay went above and beyond the call of duty! Overall she was fantastic and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!” – Sonoma Bankruptcy Client

Could Not Have Been Kinder

Attorney Lindsay Torgerson met with my very elderly parents about a potential bankruptcy. She could not have been kinder to them, treating them like they were her own parents. She was realistic and professional, laying out all of their options very clearly. We all walked into the meeting with dread, but walked out feeling lighter and hopeful that they would not spend their last years together stressing out about debts from a lost business.–Daughter of Ukiah Bankruptcy Client

Chose Her After Interviewing 6 Other Lawyers

“After interviewing with 6 other bankruptcy lawyers, I immediately hired Lindsay Torgerson after an initial consultation. Lindsay’s expert guidance, accuracy and supportive approach was exactly what I needed. Lindsay let me know that I was misinformed about bankruptcy guidance provided by other attorneys.

As a self-employed business owner, I was very anxious that I would not meet the criteria for filing. When I gave Lindsay the facts, she told me that she expected it would be easy for me to be granted a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge. She was right and everything went seamlessly. Additionally, Lindsay was able to discharge my student loan bankruptcy on a private student educational loan in an adversarial proceeding.

I didn’t expect to win this one, nor did anyone else (including attorneys) think that I would win. Private student loans are extremely difficult to discharge. The fact that the judge ruled in my favor shows that Lindsay is an outstanding attorney. While no one ever wants to declare bankruptcy, sometimes a “fresh start” is what is needed and Lindsay is the best lawyer you can find.”  Marin County Bankruptcy and Student Loan Client

Quick Service, Made Every Step Understandable

“Lindsay was GREAT to work with. I filled out the questionnaire on her website, which was easy and user-friendly. At first contact, she was courteous and easy to talk to. As soon as I had my paperwork together, she was on the job. It was quick, and I was able to understand every step of the process after being given her explanations. I’ve already recommended her twice to family and friends, and will do it again if I know anyone else who could use her services.” – Cloverdale Bankruptcy Client

A Fierce Advocate Who Cares About Her Profession

“I called Lindsay for a second opinion after I received some questionable advice from a different attorney regarding bankruptcy. I could immediately tell that she cared about her profession and would be a fierce advocate for her clients. Needless to say I chose Lindsay as my lawyer, and I am so glad that I did! The bankruptcy process is highly stressful but Lindsay makes it as easy as it can be with her flexible payment options, online questionnaires, appointment hours, and multiple office locations.

I felt supported and cared for throughout the entire process from the first phone call, through the bankruptcy hearing and beyond. She was always available to answer questions. She embodies professionalism and is a genuine and kind person. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone seeking counsel regarding bankruptcy. You won’t be disappointed.” –Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Client

Clear, Timely Communications–No Glitches

“We found Lindsay Torgerson an excellent lawyer in handling our Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Every thing happened as scheduled and on time. No glitches that were not taken care of immediately. She communicated in a clear and timely manner. Each step happened as she predicted and our bankruptcy is now discharged. We would certainly recommend her services to anyone thinking of filing bankruptcy. She is fully knowledgeable about the entire process.” – Napa Bankruptcy Client

Made Me Feel Better at a Difficult Time in My Life

“I was going through a very difficult time in my life lots of emotions feelings of failure, scared, uneasy. From the first time I spoke w/Lindsay she made feel so much better. She walked me through every step of BR, from beginning to end. Always was very prompt in returning phone calls and emails. She always answered all my questions in words I could understand. I would definitely recommend anyone who is not sure of what to do call her, she is the best.” – Willits Bankruptcy Client

Thoroughly Professional–And Nice to Boot!

“Outstanding attorney in an area where they are few and far between. The best choice I’ve ever made was choosing her as my bankruptcy lawyer. Explained everything every step of the way. Thoroughly professional and nice to boot!” – Fort Bragg Bankruptcy Client

Accurate in Her Information, Explained All Our Options

“Lindsay was very helpful with our bankruptcy. Anytime we had a question or needed help she answered everything. She was very accurate in her information and let us know all of our options. We had no surprises and everything was smooth and handled appropriately. We feel very confident in her services and would recommend her.” – Hopland Bankruptcy Client

On Top of the Situation at All Times

“Lindsay Torgerson was a pleasure to work with in my time of legal need. She was on top of the situation at all times, and was thoroughly prepared for my case asking every pertinent question. So when it came time for the legal proceedings, I breezed through it with no problems. I highly recommend her as expert counsel in her law specialty.” – Larkspur Bankruptcy Client

Professional, Persistent and Discrete

“Lindsay Torgerson is an excellent attorney that helped us with our legal matters in a professional, persistent and discrete way. I appreciated her advice on bankruptcy matters and she has always been an excellent reference. Her work is thorough.” – Cloverdale Bankruptcy Client

Never Surprised, Things Went Smoother than I Imagined

“Lindsay helped me a few years ago through a rough point in my life. Who wants to admit to looking into BR or other financial help? I’d made many phone calls, spoke to many different people, and 90 days after my initial phone conversation with Lindsay I called her back and asked for her assistance. I made the right decision, Lindsay personally talked me through the entire process, I was never surprised by anything and it went smoother than I could have ever imagined. 3 years later I look back and can only hope other people who need it, get someone as good and helpful as Lindsay is!” – Rohnert Park Bankruptcy Client

Made Me Feel Comfortable from the First Time

“When I found Lindsay I had already met with three other bankruptcy attorneys, Lindsay made me comfortable from the first time I spoke to her and made me feel like everything was going to be ok. I was going through a divorce and was in the process of losing my home. She was so helpful and understanding and made the process as painless as possible. I would highly recommend her ! Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life.” – Cloverdale Bankruptcy Client

Competent, Approachable and Reasonable Fees

“I was so fortunate to find Lindsay Torgerson to help me through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I wasn’t sure I even qualified and was fearful of spending more money on a hopeless cause. A credit card summons pushed me to try and Lindsay provided a thorough free consultation with my options. Serious illness in the family for several years resulted in a home short sell, depleted savings and huge credit card debt. I felt so beaten down and actually felt intimidated to talk to a lawyer.

With Lindsay I immediate felt relief and that I was doing something right. She is so competent and approachable. Her fees are very reasonable and her delivery of service excellent. Now I can sleep at night, pay my bills and rebuild a future. I can never thank her enough for her professional hard work. As a person I respect and like her very much. As a lawyer she is the best. Even now its hard for me to believe how lucky I was to find Lindsay!” – Cloverdale Bankruptcy Client

Easy Procedures, Painless Process and Fair Prices

“Lindsay came through for me when I really needed her – we managed to get everything done online and via fax prior to meeting with the trustee. She has great people skills, she helped put me at ease during a difficult time in my life. Lindsay is knowledgeable, friendly, hard working, and responsible – her procedures are easy and the process was “painless” (and her prices are fair).” – Stewarts Point Bankruptcy Client

It Feels Like You are Dealing with a Friend

“Lindsay Torgerson is the type of person you want to help you through the hurdles of bankruptcy, She is has a warm and sunny disposition. She is thorough, and answers questions in a complete and thoughtful manner. She will return your e-mails usually the same day. It feels like you are dealing with a friend who is helping you. She tells you how much it will cost up front and holds to her agreement. Her open and friendly manner will make you forget she is an attorney. I wish she really were a friend of mine.” – Clearlake Bankruptcy Client

Knowledgeable, Supportive and Fair Prices

“Lindsay was great! We had a slightly complicated chapter 7 bankruptcy. She always returned our calls or emails. If she did not immediately have an answer she would get it fast. She was very knowledgeable and supportive. The whole process was much faster and easier than we had ever anticipated and she was local. The others that I had consulted with were in Southern Cali and her prices were very competitive and fair.” – Ukiah Bankruptcy Client

Thorough and Easy to Work With on Complex Case

“Lindsay was thorough and easy to work with. The case was complex because of a recent divorce and my ex-wife’s complicated financial affairs.” – Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Client

Reduced My Loan Interest Rate and Cut My Payment in Half

“Lindsay really saved me! She was able to do a “cram down” on my truck loan with my Chapter 13 BK. My interest rate was at 19% she managed to get it down to about 4% and my payment was cut in half! She was very professional, kind and unintimidating. I have recommended her several times.” – Vallejo Bankruptcy Client

Has the Highest Respect for Her and Her Professionalism

“Lindsay helped me with my miracle! I never imagined or even knew what exactly bankruptcy was. I found myself in a position of not being able to pay my debts and not being able to pay my second mortgage. I wanted to keep my house! We filed chapter 13 bankruptcy and got relief from credit card debt and our second mortgage.

Lindsay was very thorough helping us through the process, and in the court hearing the judge and trustee had the highest respect for her and her professionalism. I couldn’t believe the other attorney’s and other people who also had hearings the same day we did. They weren’t at all prepared. I was so incredibly blessed to have found Lindsay Torgerson to represent me.” – Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Client

A Remarkable, Considerate, Expedient Godsend!

“This attorney lead us through a bankruptcy from beginning to court in less than 40 days. Truly a remarkable, fair valued, considerate, and expedient God send. “ – Fort Bragg Bankruptcy Client

She Made Us Feel Like We Were Old Friends

“Lindsay made our chapter 7 go very easy. She was very professional while at the same time making us feel like we were old friends. She answered all of our questions in a way we could understand and kept us informed of what was going on with our case. We feel very lucky because we found her quite by accident and then it came to be that she was the best one for the job. We thank her very much for making what could have been a very stressful time in our lives into a stress free time. “ – Ukiah Bankruptcy Client

A Trusted Ally, Came Highly Recommended

“Lindsay came highly recommended and I was immediately impressed with her professionalism. She was also very kind, and helped me to feel comfortable in spite of the seriousness of my situation. I was grateful to have a trusted ally guide me through every step, and it was obvious she was well respected in the legal world.” – Jenner Bankruptcy Client

Paperwork Was in Perfect Order, Breezed through the Process

“I had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that I had to file in less than a month because of a lawsuit was pending from a credit card bank. Ms. Torgerson was very professional, compassionate, and immediately got my filing on time, thus precluding a negative judgment against me. While in bankruptcy court I noticed half of the other attorneys were ill prepared and did not have all their paperwork properly completed. When it was my turn in front of the bankruptcy trustee, my paperwork was in perfect order, and I breezed through the process. Thank you so much Lindsay for a job well done.” –San Rafael Bankruptcy Client

Guidance and Attention to Every Detail

“I just finished a contested divorce. My chapter 7 was complicated. Lindsay was thorough and complete. Her guidance and attention to completing every detail was apparent at the debtor’s (341) meeting. Other debtors represented by other attorneys had incomplete files and had to be rescheduled. One attorney was cautioned he could be sanctioned. I saw Lindsay with another client go up and come out in five minutes, all paper work in order and done. She was professional, came prepared, did it right the first time. I had to go to a second meeting but at no fault of Lindsay’s. She guided me in what I had to do, and together we got it done.” – Clearlake Bankruptcy Client

Always Patient, Took Whatever Time was Necessary

“I have no problem recommending Lindsay for your bankruptcy. She handled mine and my wife’s. She was always patient with us, taking whatever time was needed to answer all our questions and to explain all the what’s and why’s of her answers. She sometimes would even call us in the evening, well after business hours if she could not reach us during the day. She worked with us on our payments to her. When after everything was settled and she saw the case had not cost as much as she thought it would, she refunded us $99.00 The lady is good.” – Santa Rosa Bankruptcy Client

Clear, Concise and Completely Professional

“I highly recommend Wine Country Family Law & Bankruptcy Office-Lindsay Torgerson. She helped my husband and I through a smooth bankruptcy process, even answering the smallest of questions, or 30 emails because I kept finding things I didn’t understand, or know how to navigate. We had to reschedule our first consultation 2 times (our fault not hers) and she was so patient, and called in the evening so both my husband and I could take part together to get everything answered we needed. She was clear, concise, and completely professional. It was a breeze on my end, I felt like it was all going to go great, because I felt like I had someone who knew EXACTLY what they were doing on my team. If you have to face bankruptcy, I would suggest having Lindsay help!” – Ukiah Bankruptcy Client

She Always Made Sure We Were Prepared

“We had a complicated situation as we live part-time outside the U.S. She handled everything and had a direct and clear answer for every question we asked – sometimes more than once! She made sure we were prepared, had all the documents needed and guided us with expertise through a difficult situation. When we arrived in the U.S. for our court date she was prepared and our hearing went smoothly. She went out of her way to assist us through this process and has unending patience. We highly recommend her services and she is a great person too!” – Santa Rosa and Costa Rica Bankruptcy Client

Loved the Blend of Professionalism and Personal Attentiveness

“Thank you so much Lindsay, Jan, and the rest of the staff! Your timely knowledge, communication, and patience all helped me to achieve the results I was hoping for. I couldn’t ask for a better blend of professionalism and personal attentiveness!” – Santa Rosa Family Law and Bankruptcy Client

First Class Experience All the Way

“Lindsay was an absolute dream to work with and I could not have been more pleased with her services. I would recommend her highly because she is professional, kind, knowledgeable, and affordable. Dealing with her and her associates was as pleasant an experience as I could have hoped to have. First class all the way.” — Ukiah Family Law Client

She Was Always There to Answer Questions

“Lindsay was great.  She was always there to answer questions and talk about the process.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great understanding lawyer.” – Santa Rosa Family Law and Bankruptcy Client

Professional Yet Pleasant Lawyer Who Takes Care of Business

“Lindsay is a very professional yet pleasant lawyer who takes care of business. She handled my case quickly and successfully. After working with other snobby and arrogant lawyers in the past I highly recommend Lindsay!” – Petaluma Bankruptcy Client

A Pleasure to Do Business With!

“Lindsay was great to work with, very professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with!”
– Kelseyville Family Law and Bankruptcy Client